mccraw cristinI am Cristin McCraw. I'm 44 years old. I'm a survivor of idiopathic Gastroparesis. I was diagnosed in 2010, and had no idea what a wild ride I was in for! I began having symptoms in 2009, and my PCP Alison H. Nguyen, M.D. , actually came up with the idea of me possibly having idiopathic GP. These symptoms included nausea, vomiting, severe weight loss, malnutrition, abdominal pain, bloating, severe constipation, night sweats, fainting, fatigue, trouble concentrating, and so forth. We can all go on for hours about our symptoms.

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At that time, I was working on E2 ICU at Stanford Hospital as an RN. This was my dream job of course. As nurses, we tend to think what's going on with us isn't as bad as our ICU or trauma patients. I would simply go vomit when I needed to, and managed to hide my deteriorating health. That is until, April 28, 2010, when I was lovingly asked to take medical leave, or I was going to die in the ICU I was working in. My coworkers and bosses were amazingly supportive during all of this. They held my job for six months, and fortunately my STD and LTD and life insurance, was a job benefit. I began to feel like I was losing all the important things in life. I was put on this earth to be a nurse, not a patient!

charbonneaus dianaI was diagnosed with GP in 2011 after inexplicably starting to lose weight my senior year of college in Washington, D.C.. Then, after returning home in Arizona, I started to get sick. After a year of testing with my Primary at the time, she finally said, "the last thing we can try is a GES and if that doesn't show something, I don't know what else we can do." Luckily, the GES gave me my diagnosis and started down a long journey of multiple medications, many that made me sick and added further symptoms, but at least I was able to have an answer to what was causing my symptoms. I went from 180 lbs. down to 130 lbs. at the worst - ranging from being ok most of the time to being excruciatingly nauseous every day.

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I used to be able to eat anything I wanted down to practically nothing, but finally went was able to get off all the medications I was prescribed in 2016 after I got married. I found a superfruit juice from Mangosteen (Xango), went all natural and have been able to slowly reduce the amount of hospital and Urgent Care visits over these past years.

My daughter, Marni, passed away from GP March 22, 2017. I am forever heartbroken. She was diagnosed with GP 7 years before. She was on TPN 24/7 with home health. 

We would go to the ER when the pain was intolerable and they always thought she was looking for drugs. She beat sepsis 5 times... only when she was septic would ER take her seriously. 

All doctors and hospitals need more education regarding GP and need to take warriors seriously. 

naomi heatherI was run over by a tractor when i was five years old,  don't remember the accident and don't remember most of my childhood. I did receive a TBI and was told my organs shifted. My mom was told I would have problems but they didn't know what they would be.

I have gone back and forth to many doctors and specialists and have heard your too complicated, thats not my field, i can't treat you, stuff like that, oh and its all in your head!  Finally after many years found Stanford and my specialists there are finally putting the pieces together. 

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So far i have been diagnosed with GP, POTS, TBI, methane predominant SIBO,  Mitril valve prolapse, RP, skin cancer, b-12 difficiancy , bladder and colon dont work, being tested for Wilsons, CF and hashimoto. I am so thankful Stanford listened to me and didnt just write me off.

I know my body and even though I'm not a textbook case it really makes me upset that doctor's who took an oath to help people and when you go to the doctor you are supposed to walk out feeling better not worse. 

Hello 💚 I'm Jessica Poole from San Antonio TX. I am 32 years old & I have Idiopathic GP. I was diagnosed in July of 2016. I currently feel I have somewhat of a balance & as much control as I could possibly have of my GP. I take several meds daily to help that balance. I struggle to stay hydrated & manage my nausea & fatigue. I have an amazing support system, my husband & 3 great kiddos.