holland victoria 2a1f4I suffer with severe gastritis. I am on a very strong stomach tablet and 3 sickness tablets a day. My stomach is red raw and has scars from where its been bleeding. I was told from the stomach samples took, it is severely burned. I have tried all stomach tablets but my condition keeps getting worse. Anemia I have bad from bleeding in the stomach and bowel. I also have a chronic slow transit and my bowel stopped working too. Had major surgery 4 years ago, going in soon for another major bowel surgery. Feeling sick no matter if I eat or don't eat 24/7. I was told my stomach was covered in a thick cream looking. They asked had I been eating or took my pills before it, no. They told me after it is because my stomach is so severely burned and a nasty form of gastritis. I have had a lot of different health problems and doctors have learned from me lots of things they didn't before. Like they say I can never have something normal, it's new to them or I have 3 problems going on at the same time. In all I live with 50 chronic and complex health problems. Admin on Facebook as well.💚

monahan nathalie gras fac64I’m sharing my daughters post not only because I’m so incredibly proud of her but to show also that GP has not stopped her to follow her dreams and hopefully give hope to some others out there!! Diagnosed almost 3 years ago, has been through hell & back, is a tubie but has so much determination to not let this horrible disease control her life!! 💚#GPwarrior

21077791 10155698574113410 1782394343362886012 n f36ffHi all ! My name is Nicole and I was diagnosed with Gastroparesis in 2017. I was however having symptoms two years beforehand! Two years ago I randomly fell really sick on holiday in Portugal. One night i vomited everything I had eaten. I lost my appetite for a week, living off practically water. I was at a scary low weight by this point. 

My parents took me to a private doctor who told me I had ‘depression’ and ‘anxiety’ (yes- i was depressed from not being able to eat and the nausea!!!). I was then put on anti depressants and some vitamins. A month later I started to feel a little better, but kept getting random nauseous episodes where I would just feel randomly sick.

I never vomited again but I never felt ‘normal’. On top of that I was burping an abnormal amount of times a day! This went on for two years before I decided to get it investigated further. The doctors kept telling me ‘it’s nothing serious’ but I knew something wasn’t right. Their question was always ‘ Are you sure you aren’t pregnant?’ !!!!!

nesti sara 0005dMy story is different but this time I hope to help some people. I had many problems with my stomach and after many times that i had nasogastric tube, I had my surgery Iatoplastic and fundoplication.

I had a baby but for me, having a baby is dangerous! In fact when my son was born, I had an intestinal infection that made me near death. I again had to have a nasogastric tube and I was in the hospital for a month.

I want another baby despite all the difficulties because I don't give up. After the birth of my son and having all the problems, I'm here! I'm a survivor and I want to help other people.

This picture for me means a lot. It's a picture with my son when i was in the hospital when he was born. This is my different story but i want to help all people that have and had digestive desease as me because nobody is alone.

image 947e7My name is Kristine Bishop, I’m now 53 years old, live in Missouri, married, quit my corporate career to stay at home and raise my three daughters. It all began in April of 2015. I became so ill so quickly. From nausea, feeling full, extreme pain, the inability to go the bathroom it seemed to hit out of no where. I saw so many doctors. Urogynecologists, gynecologists, GIs, Family practitioners, neurologists you name it I saw them. I was misdiagnosed with Rectal prolapse, bladder prolapse, heart burn, infections and though I did everything, took everything they each individually requested my health continued to deteriorate. The first GI I saw did the Sitz Marker test within 6 months from the start and I retained 72 of 72 markers at day 5. Had he been more proactive and less text book my suffering would have ended long before it did.

By January of 2016 I couldn’t eat solid food and was on a liquid diet. No doctor was taking any of this seriously yet I knew something was desperately wrong. Not one doctor was concerned about my weight loss, my inability to not eat. I was told to add fiber, eat less fiber, medication was offered continuously but only to band aid instead of fix whatever was wrong with me. I was slowly giving up, close to bedridden until I was referred to Mayo Clinic in Rochester Minnesota.

gorgoretti darlene f59deOctober 30, 2006 - Gastric bypass surgery

December 15, 2006 - Admitted to hospital since could not keep anything down

December 28, 2006 (my birthday) - Vagotomy and had my GJ feeding tube put in during surgery

April 17, 2007 - had gastric bypass revision

January 11, 2011 - had my gastric bypass reversed

I was in and out the hospital many times during this time - many EGD's

November 02, 2012 - Officially diagnosed with GP - at Temple

April 14, 2015 - Went on disability and had to switch insurance - started to go to Johns Hopkins and have had good care so i still see several doctors

Can't have the gastric stimulator since i get MRSA anytime something foreign is put in my body

No other surgeries can be done safely since i have a blood clotting disease, uncontrolled diabetes, and after last knee surgery i went into respiratory failure

branch stephanie1 d019fHi my name is Stephanie Branch, I've been fighting gastroparesis since 2010. I. Had botox injection 4 times i have good days and bad days i would love to.have a cure.

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