First off, seems like most ERs we have been to do not even know what GP is

2nd off, seems like if you are vomiting worse than usual, lethargic, or cant even hold down water and you know its not your GP acting up, the ER will automatically brush every symptom as ITS JUST GP and not do anything. 

Seems like every ER is afraid to touch a child that has GP. Seems like many do not even know what safe meds are and arent for GP. (My son was given meds for a virus the other day meanehile his GI said it was one of the worst meds they can give GP person)

I was told by a doctor that i must have been doing drugs when i was pregnant because that is the only reason my son must have GP and rely on a feeding tube to survive. 

I've never really had a problem with an ER. I call ahead in the evening and tell them I have GP and am in a flare, then ask if they have a free bed for fluids (sometimes my primary care has wanted me to go in and I tell them that).

I have been to the ER five times in the last 9 months and was admitted three times. It appears as though when my GP is at its worst, i.e., vomiting over 4 times a day, diarrhea, and relentless nausea, I become chronically dehydrated (I can’t keep down food or drink) and fatigued

The Drs scratching their heads and saying I’m faking it.
Dehydration from throwing up and upset stomach

 I have also gone for dehydration and low electrolytes, but assumed it was from my diabetes/high blood sugars. Now I wonder if it was the GP causing my sugars to rise in the first place. I don't know if it's the hospital, state I live (MO) or what but

HYDRATION!!! I have actually been treated like a drug seeker and turned away when the ONLY THING I asked for was HYDRATION!! I explained my disease and the fact that I can't take in enough liquid. The doctor said "your chart says you have chronic dehydration".. I said "yes, and

Pain, nausea, vomiting, dehydration, malnutrition, bowel incontinence, fainting all send me to the ER. My biggest complaint is the medical staff thinks I'm looking for drugs/narcotics!!!! They dismiss me, don't worry about how low my body weight is, they just are NOT educated on Gastroparesis!!! I leave discouraged and in tears