I've been to the ER several times. I just try to tolerate the pain now because going to the ER is so stressful. They don't understand the degree of nausea and they don't believe the pain.

Before I knew I had GP always saying just constipated, never looked into why until I chose to go to Gastro doctor! Still feel the same way!!

"Gastroparesis doesn't cause pain"
Like hell it doesn't! But I get this ALL THE TIME. Also, "you must be exaggerating your pain/nausea levels in order to get more meds". 
"If you'd just not eat what you shouldn't you wouldn't be here" no that's not how a GP flare works.

I also get

Part of my biggest issue with ER Dr's when it comes to the gastroparesis is pain control. A lot of Dr's think that gastroparesis isn't painful. They think it's just a matter of nausea and vomiting, or if they do listen to the pain aspect they ONLY think its from the constipation

My daughter passed away 15 months ago, she was diagnosed with GP 7 years before. She was on TPN 24/7 with home health. We would go to the ER when the pain was intolerable and they always thought she was looking for drugs😢. She beat sepsis 5 times... only when she was

Pain control definitely is an issue. My other issue is Drs dismissing the level of nausea I’m dealing with. They think it’s more in my head because I’m not vomiting. I don’t vomit very often and often times I feel less nauseated when I have to vomit. I will do

What upsets me is being told its all in my head, also if it is really that bad you would not refuse to take reglan umm excuse me im allergic to it and could die if i do also am allergic to most antibiotics so very hard to go in