I don’t know if you want my opinion, as my ER visit was taken seriously and I was admitted immediately.
HOWEVER, I had initial surgery at a MAJOR hospital and became known as a “complicated patient.” So much that I was there mid June, and they told me they will see me in December.

Went for a second opinion and less than a week later from that appointment, a Bezoar the size of a tangerine is found in my stomach. It is rock hard and scheduled to be removed next Tuesday. Thank goodness the second opinion doc didn’t think 45 minutes of vomiting alongside the highway was normal! 
My point is, WE KNOW OUR BODIES!!! Doctors need to listen and treat!!!! We are not a bunch of drug seeking morons 💜🦋

The PA for my GI Dr who specializes in GP told me last week that GP doesn't cause any pain!!! Needless to say she obviously should NOT be working for a DR who specializes in this. I go to ER because I can't get in to see my Dr and I've been

Understanding our challenges of eating and keeping it down. Understanding the fact that we in fact, at times don't 'look' sick but we are. That we need support no matter what we are going through and that some don't have it at home. Our conditions often come with other underlining

Husband throwing up for days & when I see him getting tired & sleeping a little too much like 18 hours a day & weak, I know when it’s time for the ER. We explain to them we tried to stay home but after 3/7 days of not getting better its

They don't think we are sick and we end up sitting in the waiting room much longer than others that are not very sick.

Getting treated like a drug seeker, then, the fact I have to stand, at the start, Giving my name, I collapsed the last time. They dont take the severity of the pain seriously from outset. No one believes its so bad when you go.

I've snapped my knee backwards resulting in

I'm on strong narcotics for another medical condition but before that happened I was treated like a drug seeker half of the time. I only go when I'm severely dehydrated and then starting an IV is almost impossible. They can't even find veins with ultrasound and then it's admission for