I guess for me, two ER visits stand out to me as the most frustrating.  Once, I was dehydrated and desperate for help because in the past my potassium has dropped to 1.2, leaving me non-responsive.  My husband found me in time to get me to the ER, but since then both my husband and I always get very concerned when I start showing signs of dehydration. 

So this day, all I wanted is for them to hydrate me and check my potassium level in case I needed a Potassium IV.  I was in a lot of pain, but I just needed hydration.  When they finally got me a bed, the doctor ordered IV fluids for me and blood work.  I thought awesome!  This is all I need, because a few bags of liquids in the past has worked wonders.  Next thing I know, after being poked several times, the nurse tells me, I can't get a vein, you are going to have to hydrate yourself.  Oddly enough, they were able to get a vein when they came for my blood. I was in shock, because if it were possible for me to hydrate at home, I wouldn't be in the ER.  My botox was wearing off, and I wasn't able to tolerate even the liquids that was my only diet at the time.  I asked to speak with the doctor, and when he finally came back in the only thing he was offering is some meds for nausea.  I had them at home, they weren't working!  I was discharged in spite of my blood work showing my potassium was low and liver counts elevated.  I had gone to the closest hospital, instead of the one I usually went to, and ultimately had to go to my regular hospital a few days later, even more dehydrated.  They admitted me for observation to make sure my counts straightened out.

The second most frustrating visit I had was when my doctor sent me to the ER because I hadn't been able to have a bowel movement for 19 days.  I was in horrible pain!  The colorectal surgeon that assisted with my bowel resection after I had perforated was called in to see me.  He gave me an injection to help me go to the bathroom and ordered an enema.  The nurse came in and asked me if I could do it myself!  I responded with no!  I am doubled over in pain, and would like her to do it.  Well I only thought I was in pain before that all happened!  I spent the next 1 1/2 hours crying nonstop in pain!  Finally my husband went and grabbed a nurse and said can someone come help my wife, she's in agony!  She said someone will come see her when they are free.  I don't even know how long it was before someone finally came in to give me something for pain, but had zero compassion!

Both times I left feeling unworthy of any kind of dignified treatment.  I felt unimportant, and emotionally spent!  I will fight going to the ER until I absolutely have to now.  I will only go now when the pain is more than I can handle, which means a 10+ or if I can't tolerate fluids for too long and start feeling the muscles in my legs go to jello.  Then I know I'm in trouble!  I insist on hydration because I've learned we have to be our own advocates.