For me it's the instant judgement. I had an ER Dr come in and say " there's no way you have Gp cause you're not diabetic. What are you on meth or heroine?" I couldn't believe this guy who has access to my medical records showing I have turned down narcotics in the past, and has urine and blood samples actually is saying that to me! I was left in a room in tears once where the Dr conveniently would not come in to assess me until I left a urine sample to prove I wasn't drug seeking. I never even asked for pain meds!

These Dr's need to not only be educated on Gp, but also need to not be so judgemental. I realize that I might look like a dope head. That is no excuse when you have access to my medical records showing that I am clearly sick with multiple diseases and not drug seeking. Take the time and compassion for your patients! Take the time to listen to us. I have been sick for 13 year's. I know my body better than this Dr telling me I'm depressed. I'm depressed after I leave the hospital dealing with you prick! We are failed by the medical community. We should not have to endure the treatment we get from hospital doctors on top of it. I have to be forced to go to the hospital now.