The worst for teenage daughter being completely dismissed as having an eating disorder, engaging in drugs and illicit behaviors behind my back, and it all being in her head. My daughter no longer trust doctors.

The first ER was horrible as well. When she came in the room and asked whats wrong, I started to explain and she threw up her hand and said, 'I don't want to hear you....are you the patient.....are you the one I am suppose to so be quiet'. I WAS FLOORED.

She made faces while my daughter (who was only 15) explained the issue. The doc said, 'So you're here because you have a tummy ache"? She then took one look at her, told me they would rule out life threatening and that was it. They would not look for whatever the problem was. They took her urine....that was it. After running her urine, the doctor came in to send her home. I stopped her and said, 'You haven't even physically examined my child and you are dismissing her'. She went over to my daughter, lifted her shirt, took three fingers mashed her stomach and said, 'Yep...nothing wrong'. 

The first statement was from a Children's Hospital. They wanted to put my daughter in with a psychiatrist so he could 'watch her eat'. I said if she could eat we wouldn't be here. 

We had the heart doctor tell us to ignore all her food alleriges and that she needed to 'calm down' so she could eat. 

I'm convinced the medical professionals today do nothing more than a google search when they leave the exam room. I mean seriously, robots are doing the surgeries now......since moving to all natural treatments, my daughter has a life.....and it has nothing to do with what some doctor is from doing my own research of the human body. 

My daughter was so traumatized. She will forever hate and distrust doctors. They shouldn't be allowed to treat patients this way.