I have been to the ER five times in the last 9 months and was admitted three times. It appears as though when my GP is at its worst, i.e., vomiting over 4 times a day, diarrhea, and relentless nausea, I become chronically dehydrated (I can’t keep down food or drink) and fatigued which frequently brings on a migraine and episodes of vaso-vagal syncope. Although I tell the ER staff that I think I need fluids, they usually won’t give IV fluids to me until they get blood work back that indicates that my electroytes are low.

Oddly, my blood work may be within the normal ranges, even though I feel dehydrated. And a strange thing often happens that I still don’t understand. Once they do decide to give me IV fluids and they recheck my blood, they often report that my sodium, potassium, and chloride are lower than when they first checked, and other measures also tend to change. Once they give me fluids and medicine for nausea and pain, I usually feel better. Most recently they gave me IV magnesium and oxygen and that combination lessened the intensity of my headaches and have positively affected the severity of my GP symptoms. Unfortunately, once I have a flare up of GP then my other medical issues flare up, complicating my ability for my self-care measures to be enough to keep me out of the ER. Although I am mindful that I need to push fluids to avoid dehydration, the vomiting and diarrhea are difficult to control.