I have a positive ER story. When I was still in school at Ohio University, I would walk to the ER often. The school clinic couldn’t help me with my GP symptoms. The doctors treated me wonderfully and knew what to do. They gave me bags of fluid, nausea meds, pain meds, and Reglan through IV. That was the most compassionate place I have ever been to, besides Cleveland Clinic.

I guess for me, two ER visits stand out to me as the most frustrating.  Once, I was dehydrated and desperate for help because in the past my potassium has dropped to 1.2, leaving me non-responsive.  My husband found me in time to get me to the ER, but since then both

I’ve not had good luck. They will sometimes give fluids -but only one bag. They sometimes take an x-ray to check for intestinal blockage-there never is one. And then they send me home. It’s pointless. I’m currently pretty sick and the GI nurse wanted me to go to the ER. But

For me it's the instant judgement. I had an ER Dr come in and say " there's no way you have Gp cause you're not diabetic. What are you on meth or heroine?" I couldn't believe this guy who has access to my medical records showing I have turned down narcotics

Before I got diagnosed with Gastroparesis, when I would go to the ER multiple times for fluids doctors would "assume" that it was anxiety causing all of my vomiting, nausea because they didn't have a "real" answer as to why I was vomiting so much. I'm a very happy, easy going person and

I went once. I was in extreme pain. All they could say was I wanted pain pills. I wanted to know why it hurt so much. I will NEVER go back to the ER because of how I was treated

The worst for us......my teenage daughter being completely dismissed as having an eating disorder, engaging in drugs and illicit behaviors behind my back, and it all being in her head. My daughter no longer trust doctors.

The first ER was horrible as well. When she came in the room and