Faces of GP Alliance is where we are sharing photos of the diverse group of individuals affected by Gastroparesis, along with stories of who we are, and how both GP and lack of treatment has affected our lives. By uniting our voices, we will be heard.  This project is being compiled into slides, videos and handouts to help advocate to Medical professionals nationwide on what we need when we seek help, and to develop protocols for dignified treatment. We have lost too many in our community due to lack of understanding in the ER, as well as premature discharges, only to lose their life after.  This has got to stop!  We need to spread awareness any way we can.  Our mission is to work together, because together we WILL make a difference!

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Welcome to Faces of GP Alliance! A little while ago, Anitra Duke was approached by Allen Stephens, a Nurse Practitioner, that is Co-Director of the ER...